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November 20th Newsletter

  Hi Everyone,

So, here we are, count down to turkey time. Let's do something I haven't done in a while. What's your favorite Thanksgiving memory? Let's see how many of you participate, I'll include these in next weeks newsletter. And, as customary, I'll start. I started a tradtion with my kids when they were young, I'd open a bottle of sparking cidar because my kids loved to pretend it was champagne, and I'd take my nicest glasses and pour one for each of us. Then as we sat down to have our meal, we'd go around the table and each of us would say what we were thankful for that year, we'd toast and feast. It was always interesting to hear what my kids were thankful for, and of course the answers changed a lot as they grew up. I hope this will be a tradtion that they will carry on and pass down in their families to their own kids. I think it's important to stop and take a moment to really be thankful for what we have.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to share a big THANK YOU to Bob Nichols for being so generous with his donation to our Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive. He brought so many toys and pieces of sports equipement the donation box was over flowing!!! I would ask you all, while you are spending this holiday with family and friends and sharing your blessings please take a second and think of those children who are less fortunate and maybe pick up a little something extra when you're out "Black Friday" shopping and bring it by. Nothing shines brighter at Christmas then the smile on a childs face when they find a present under their tree.

Now, when the holiday feast is eaten, and the "Black Friday" shopping is done and you're faced with the weekend and you just don't know what to do with the family I've got a couple of great car shows that you can take them to. On Saturday Nov 24 is the 15th Annual Cruisn' La Verne for the Holidays Car Show & Toy Drive in Downtown La Verne at 3rd and D Streets from 9am-4pm. Be sure to bring the kiddies to this one beacuse Sanat will be there.

On Sunday Nov 25 is the Bob's Big Boys' Merry Christmas Car Show at 3521 Hamner Ave, Norco from 2pm-5pm. The show is open to pre-1980 Classics, Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. Music will be provided by DJ Retro Rick ( Santa will also be at this show so have the kids get those letters ready. Check out great pics and videos from recent cars shows and races at our website And if you know someone who would like to recieve my weekly newsletter just have them fill out the "subscribe" box on the HOME page of our website.

We here at would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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