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December 20th Newsletter

  Hi Everyone,

Well, here I am again!!!! No I didn't forget about you all nor did I get run over by a reindeer ( I am a Grandma now) the car show season has wound down and our gears have shifted to family and friends and holiday gatherings, but I couldn't let Christmas come without sending out a greeting to you all.

I would like to thank everyone who made it by our shop to donate to our 2nd Annual Toys for Tots drive this year, with a BIG THANK YOU going out to Bob Nichols for his generous donation. Bob showed up with bags and bags of toys and sports balls and filled our box the first time. These items will bring tons of smiles to needy kids this Christmas.

I'd also like to send a THANK YOU out to Jerry Maxwell, in my newsletter before Thanksgiving I asked you to share a Thanksgiving memory with me, and I'd like to share it with you... Nice letter Tami. I liked your Thanksgiving memory. I may use it. My memory would be when I was in the Navy on TG and going through the chow line and wished I was home was home with my family. Maxwell

So let's take one last opportunity to share a memory this year...What is your favorite Holiday memory? This could be from Christmas, New Years or just Winter in general.

The first one that comes to my mind was when I took my Son to Disneyland on New Years Day. He was 6 and the park was still all decked out for Christmas with the huge Christmas tree on Main Street and the Holiday Parade. My Son stood at the base of that tree and looked straight up to the top, and it's was like 20 feet tall, and he turned to me and said "Next year I want a tree just like this one!!" And I told him there was no way it would fit in our house, and he said, "Don't worry Mom, Santa will make it fit, he's magical." Oh, that was priceless.

So this year as you've decorated your home and unpacked the tree ornaments I'm sure they've brought back memories, I hope you'll want to share them too. We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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