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Brand Name Discripition
  ZEX™ developed the industry’s first complete nitrous system specifically designed for popular square flange style EFI conversion manifolds. You can now get all the benefits from the latest perimeter plate technology in a powerful and safe, easy-to-install EFI nitrous kit.
  Zirgo's ultra thin design and unmatchable performance, along with a limited lifetime warranty, make Zirgo the optimal fan for the ultimate vehicle. Let Zirgo high performance fans cool you down, when you heat up!
  ZOOM is not new to the performance clutch market. We have been building performance clutch products for 41 years! Even before we called it ZOOM we were in the performance clutch business. In fact, Perfection Clutch, the company that owns ZOOM has been in the driveline business for over 89 years.
  In 1979, we moved to California and promptly started a manufacturing company which is now called Zoops Products, Inc. For many years we specialized in aerospace and electrical connector products. This work involved close tolerance metal stampings and dies and CNC machining.

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