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Brand Name Discripition
  Since 1999, we completed our American car line-up when Daimler-Chrysler Corporation granted us the right to use their Dodge, Chrysler, Hemi, and Plymouth names and trademarks on several new clock, watch, and personal accessory products. Recently, Jeep joined our family. Acura, Honda, NHRA, Nissan and Toyota have also given us the approval to use their respective trademarks. In addition, we carry a line of Route 66 products.
  Taylor Cable Products is an OEM and Performance Company that was built on its Founding Heritage supported by a Tradition of Legendary Quality. Known as an innovative company since 1923, Taylor Cable has been setting the pace for EIGHT DECADES with quality products such as Performance Ignition Plug Wires, Battery Cables, Wiring Harnesses, Vertex Magnetos and other quality High Performance Ignition and Electrical Components and Accessories.
  Whatever you drive-GM, Ford or Mopar - TCI®'s track-tested transmissions, torque converters and components can turn that muscle into rear-wheel power. Designed, built and tested by hardcore racers and enthusiasts, TCI® transmission products are specifically engineered to crank out race-winning power mile after grueling mile, run after punishing run. Our countless victories and championships will attest to that.
  Since 1987, Thermo Tec has been proud to offer customers the latest in exhaust insulating and heat protection technology. Our mission has always been to use research, experience, and innovation to provide a quality product to our valued customers. Thermo Tec's goal is to exceed our customers' expectations in solving the ever pressing destructive nature of exhaust heat. This mission is the fuel that drives us to continue to create and develop the best possible solutions.
  We are still a !00% american made product, which is produced at our factory in Corona, California. Our Goal, As Ever, is the maximizing of torque and horsepower gains and we will continue this time honored tradition as we movie into the future. All of us at Doug Thorey headers thank all of our customers for your continued support over the years and recognizing that our headers and exhaust systems, dollar for dollar, are the very best in the industry.
  There are many considerations when choosing a clutch that best meets your needs. The selection of clutches on the market is quite large, with a wide range of diameters, friction materials and disc counts. The general rule for selecting a racing clutch is to choose the smallest clutch diameter allowed by sanctioning body rules. After you find your selected clutch diameter you should determine how many discs it takes to meet your engine's torque capacity then add one extra disc for heat capacity and durability. Below is a list of factors to consider when choosing the right clutch.
  Top Line Manufacturing is your one-stop source for quality RV accessories, pickup truck accessories, and bicycle accessories. For over 30 years, Top Line has manufactured quality RV ladders, roof racks, bike racks, tire steps ("tire hoppers"), chair racks, assist ladders, assist and grab handles, can and drink holders, tailgate steps ("bed hoppers"), truck bed extenders ("bed expanders"), and receiver mounted bike racks. Peruse the site to find just what you're looking for and where to buy it.
  We are proud of the products we've introduced throughout the years, and we're thankful for our loyal customers' continued support. In late 1999 we moved into our new 32,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona. It houses the latest in research and development equipment, manufacturing machinery and technology focusing on developing and manufacturing piston rings for any and all applications. Our rings continue to show up on the world's fastest, from Winston Cup to IMCA to IRL, from marine to drag racing, oval track to off road - nobody builds piston rings that seal better than Total Seal.
  Tracer Products has been at the forefront of leak detection technology for more than half a century. With nearly 200 employees dedicated to research and development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer service, and logistical and technical support, we look forward to the challenges of the 21st century with a steadfast commitment to excellence.
Now 45 years later, the name Trans-Dapt not only continues to be associated with transmission adapters, but is also known worldwide for advanced designed carburetor and EFI spacers, engine swap motor mounts, oil filtration products, customizing products and nearly 1400 other quality products to make your Car, Truck, SUV or Marine application run at peak performance.
  In 1959 Gil Younger formed TransGo, to supply the transmission repair shops with a unique line of innovative problem solving products. TransGo's pioneering research in automatic transmission calibration resulted in the development and introduction of the TransGo® Shift Kits, Reprogramming Kits and The Performance Shift Kits product brands. Our 40-years of research and development have produced the most advanced line of serious Shift Kits in the world. In fact we invented them!!
  At Trick Flow, research and development never stops. Starting with the latest in state-of-the-art computer design software and customer input, Trick Flow engineers design innovative products.Our machinists use CNC-machining centers to produce molds and foundry tooling. Prototypes are constructed and subjected to hours of testing on one of our dynamometers, as well as on the road and race track. When all of the testing is completed, the results are evaluated. If the product has surpassed all of its design goals, it’s approved for production. If not, it’s back to the drawing board. This dedication to research, development, and testing is what makes Trick Flow a leader in the field of aftermarket performance products.
  Truck Master Designs has manufactured superior sport truck accessories for the aftermarket since 1991. Regarded as an innovator in the industry, we produce products that fit properly, are easy to install and have head turning designs. In 2002 we introduced a line of off-road products for Jeep Wranglers under the trademark of TMD OFF-ROAD™.
  True Flow stops more dirt due to its superior foam technology. Foam has been used for years in off road applications such as motorcycles, ATVs and Off-Road race vehicles. True Flow developed an air filter using fully reticulated foam cells and specially formulated tackifier that create an impossible journey for dirt particles to enter your engine.More dirt in your engine means lower performance, lower gas mileage, and engine wear. The EPA has estimated that a dirty filter can cause a 10% decrease in fuel efficiency. Because performance gauze and paper filters are only 1/16 of an inch thick, the minute you start driving they get dirty, start to clog and restrict air flow causing a loss in performance. True Flow doesn't clog because its reticulated foam construction is 16 times thicker than performance gauze or paper. Reticulated foam allows air to flow around the captured dirt. Unlike other filters,True Flow provides great air flow even when it gets dirty.
  For more than 50 years our family-owned business has led the industry with new and innovative tarping concepts that emphasize operator safety and convenience, product quality and durability – with a style and appearance we would be proud to put on our own trucks.
  Turbo Action products shown in our catalog have had a major impact on the high performance industry. The following history background will give you some insight into the beginnings of Turbo Action including the development of new products over the thirty years we have been supporting the high performance industry. We began in 1970 by offering the only Competition Turbo Hydro 350 transmission and to this day, thirty years later, is still rated #1. Then we progressed to grow nationally with the introduction of the "Positive Action" valve body kit line which made Turbo Action quality products available for street application. As these kits grew in popularity, further improvements developed and were tested. As a result, the latest version, Cheetah Power Shifts was introduced. Cheetah Power Shifts give more flexibility for application by offering a versatile program to select the firmness of your shifts.
  More than just hot air… For over 29 years, Turbonetics has led the charge for not only more boost, but quicker response and increased reliability. This year, with Turbonetics HP compressor wheel and increased implementation of the F1 Turbine wheel introduced last year, we can point with pride to one of the finest lines of performance turbos in the entire industry. To provide maximum utilization of these turbos, Turbonetics is expanding their line of bolt-on turbo kits, with new offerings including the Hummer H3, Nissan Spec-V, Lexus IS300, and the hot new Mustang. The Torque-Master line of diesel specific products has hit the market running, from the street products like the turbo and intercooler upgrades for diesel pick-ups to the extreme killer turbos used on some of the wildest competition tractors, Torque Master is making history. Our Spearco Division is also moving forward at a rapid pace with a line of both air-to-air and liquid-to-air intercoolers that has gone from extensive to outrageous.
  The TurboXS WRX Fuel Rail Kit is made from hard anodised billet aluminum and is designed specifically for high horsepower 2002-2005 USDM Subaru WRXs requiring the ultimate in fuel flow. Each kit comes pre-assembled and pressure tested at the factory to over 150 psi to ensure leak free performance and reliability. The WRX Fuel Rail Kit is designed to be used with the factory fuel pressure regulator or can be adapted for use with your choice of aftermarket fuel pressure regulator (additional adapter purchase may be required). The kit also comes standard with an anodised billet aluminum fuel distribution block complete with a spare fuel port that can be used for a fuel pressure gauge, fuel pressure sensor, or as a fuel source for your wet-shot nitrous solenoid. Each rail has precision machined injector ports for flawless and easy installation and is hard anodized for corrosion resistance and blingy goodness.

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