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  S.M. Arnold, Inc. is a Manufacturer and Importer of quality automotive, marine and janitorial accessories. Established in 1928, S.M. Arnold, Inc. is dedicated to delivering the best quality chamois, wash mitts, buffing and polishing pads, sponges, detailing cloths, brushes and much, much more. S.M. Arnold, Inc. will continue to improve and expand our line of quality products to meet the demands of a growing high-tech industry for BOTH the professional, and the Do-It-Yourselfer.
  Safecraft's safety equipment is used by more NASCAR, NHRA and SCCA teams than any other brand. Safecraft is the only manufacturer to have 3 models of extinguishers and 6 different extinguishing agents approved to SFI 17.1. Our restraints, harnesses and head nets can be custom made to each users specifications.
  Technical Wholesale Import LLC (A.K.A. TW IMPORT) is dedicated to supplying the north american marketplace with the finest silicone hoses, dedicated vehicle kits, transition pieces, design/engineered solutions, and related accessories available today.
  For almost three decades, SAS Safety Corp. has been manufacturing and supplying the Industrial, Automotive, Agriculture and Marine Industries with products and equipment designed to make workplaces safer. We offer a complete line of Respiratory, Hearing, Eye, Hand/Body protection products plus First-Aid Kits, Absorbents, Spill Containment and Safety Accessories. Maintaining a safety program that complies with federal and state regulations can be complex. SAS Safety simplifies the process with equipment to suit specific industry needs, requirements and regulations.
  SCAT’s commitment to excellence is why our customer base includes such names as Ford Motor Company, Daimler-Chrysler Corp., Toyota Racing Development, Nissan and General Motors. SCAT has been, and continues to be, a force in the performance aftermarket providing crankshafts to many of the country’s top racing teams. From Indy cars to Top Fuel Dragsters to World of Outlaw Sprint Cars and Winston Cup, SCAT always finds a way to the Winners Circle. SCAT also offers a complete line of custom seating systems for Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Off-road, Sport Compact and VW. And we also are the pioneer and leader in the VW Aftermarket, offering hard parts, accessories and complete engines to the VW enthusiast.
  SINCE 1982, PROCAR® HAS BEEN THE TOP CHOICE FOR AUTOMOTIVE SEATING. No other aftermarket seat can come close in terms of style,comfort or quality at such an affordable price.SENSIBLE STYLING is the hallmark of a Procar® seat. The clean, classic lines will compliment the interior of any automobile-street rod, cruiser, pony car, muscle car, jeep, off-road buggy, truck or sport compact....Procar seats always look like they were meant for your car! AN AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE to your ratty old original equipment, Procar® seats won’t bust the budget on your restoration project. Easy installation, with custom mounting brackets available for over 3,000 applications means you’ll save money and gain the satisfaction of doing the job yourself.
  Federal-Mogul's Sealed Power® product line represents a complete system of application-engineered internal components, including pistons, piston rings, engine bearings, camshafts, oil pumps, timing components and valvetrain products.
  We can mold and bond rubber to steel; along with our CNC equipment and CAD/CAM capabilities, we can design, build and manufacture production parts for racing and other industries. We now supply products to the food and drug, heavy equipment, airline and aerospace, transportation, construction, mining, and a host of other industries, all proudly made in our manufacturing plant right in Conneticut. Our main product is Seals for Rod Ends. Other products include seals for Wide 5 hubs, Axle Seals, Torque Tube seals and Front Hub Seals. Our research and development program is always patenting new products and constantly testing, redesigning and evaluating them.
  ShelterLogic is the worldwide leader in innovative shelter design and manufacturing. That's why we offer America's most diverse shelter product line. From our full line of canopies, garages, sheds and storage shelters to our popular ports, greenhouses, equine and engineered structures, if you've got it – we've got it covered with a shelter solution built to your exact specifications. We keep quality high and costs low by manufacturing our all-weather shelters in our company-owned plants.
  From spring rains to winter snow, ShurTrax all weather traction products provide you with improved handling and control year round. You can add up to 400 lbs. of additional weight to your vehicle ensuring a safer and smoother ride for all road conditions. Our no hassle traction weight products come with a nozzle that attaches to your garden hose allowing you to fill it with water after you have placed it in the back of your vehicle. You can continue your daily activities including hauling items in your truck bed or car trunk since your ShurTrax can withstand up to 500 lbs. of weight.
The Simpson Nomex® Filament fabric is a revolutionary new lightweight material with high performance, superior protection and style. The outer filament material carbonizes and breaks off when it comes in contact with flames, dissipating much of the heat away from the driver. The inner knit weave provides a secondary protective layer to reduce heat transfer. Simpson Nomex® Filament fabric's lightweight tight knit weave, high luster, color-fast finish makes it an excellent choice for custom designs incorporating embroidery and trim. Available in both woven and knit form.
  At Skyjacker®, we believe our relationship with Jesus Christ has been the driving force in the success of our company. Since our pioneering days in the early 1970s, Skyjacker's field-proven expertise is suspension systems; lift kits and systems along with all the necessary components and accessories you need. People have always enjoyed heading out into the great outdoors to satisfy their sense of adventure. With everything, there are always some people who want to go farther and conquer more territory. These are our customers…and the customer is always right.
  SLP Performance Parts now has available our All New 2007 Full-Line Product Literature Catalog filled with exciting "New" exclusive, top-quality late-model products from PerformancePacs™ designed to maximize the performance of your vehicle to Appearance Packages to enhance your vehicles already tough image. Whether you're looking for a functional ram-air hood, or even a race-ready ZL402 crate-engine-assembly, SLP has everything you need to set your Camaro, Firebird, Mustang, Corvette, GTO, W-Body, or GM Truck/SUV apart from the pack. We've branched out and now offer Dodge Charger/Magnum/300C products including Performance and Appearance Packages for Ford F150's. Don't get left in the slow lane order your catalog today!
  New redesigned Stage 3 controllers offer the same great function and flexibility (and adjustability on the fly) with a brand new LCD screen! The screen offers many options for displaying turbo boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature and water-methanol injection amount and automatically adjusts for visibility in bright light or darkness. If you don’t have gauges for these functions – it can save you hundreds of dollars on those! The new low profile design offers cleaner installation options in the cab as well.
  SoffSeal, Inc., is the industry leader in manufacturing quality weatherstripping and rubber detail items. SoffSeal's president has more than four decades of automotive experience and is backed by a staff of auto enthusiasts which gives us well over two hundred years of experience. Here at SoffSeal our tooling capabilities include both sponge and dense extrusions. We also manufacture custom molded parts. We can bond molded parts to extrusions, both sponge and dense. Additionally, we make rubber parts such as pedal pads, bushings, grommets, seals and other related items. Our specialty has been in weatherstripping and sealing products for the restoration and Street Rod markets, as well as custom OEM applications. We have many universal-use sealing products as well.
  SPC Performance parts and tools are designed for the demanding user. Whether you have a Honda Civic that has been lowered to the max, a "G" body enthusiast, or have been racing circle track for 15 seasons, we have the suspension tuning part or tool that you need. These parts have been engineered to give racing, show and street rod suspensions a true advantage with optimal tracking and handling in professional chassis set ups.
  Started in 1990 SCE Gaskets Inc. has grown to become a recognized leader in engine gaskets for automotive performance and racing applications. Using ingenious engineering, CNC technology, dynamometer and real world testing SCE has developed unique and durable sealing solutions. Innovations include the invention of embossed copper exhaust gaskets, Dyno Pal bulk packs for the engine builder, proprietary steel core laminates and the world’s first self sealing copper head gasket.
  Spectre's new line was unleashed on the world last year with the introduction of Modular Air Intake Systems, and Filters that are changing the way you induct cool air forever. Following the success of the first innovative new products Spectre is hard on it's heels with a series of new performance focused products designed to put power into your hands.
  The patented SplitFire "V" design on the side electrode is instrumental in helping to improve combustion efficiency. Because the flame kernel is not blocked by the side electrode as in other spark plugs, it can travel upward through the "v" notch into the combustion chamber . . .
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