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  P-Ayr Replica Long Blocks are designed to bolt into your car in place of your real engine for test fitting parts. They include all of the necessary mounting holes with steel threaded inserts so you can mock up your new high performance parts. P-Ayr uses steel inserts for all bolt holes, and all specifications are held to OEM tolerances. You can bolt any factory component or accessory to a P-Ayr engine and it will fit. Made from durable polyurethane foam they have steel inserts for easy mounting. Save time, money, and hassle when it comes time to install your next power plant.
  Pace-Edwards covers opens and closes without needing the key, has locking positions every 12 in., and automatically catches into each position as you pull it forward. The cover also has a low-profile, aerodynamic design that is 100 percent flush-mounted, with texture-finished rails and top cover. The JackRabbits have a clamp-in design for easy accessibility, and the handle and lock are mounted to the driver side for convenient, easy use. You must use two part numbers to complete a kit--one for the tonneau canister, and the other for the rail system.
  Improve the performance of your ride with these Pacesetter headers. Manufactured from mandrel-bent, mild steel tubing, they feature thick steel flanges that are surface-ground for a leakproof seal. Pacesetter headers are available in your choice of a standard black painted finish or Pacesetter's exclusive ARMORCoat--a polished, high-temperature ceramic coating. Most Pacesetter headers come with hardware and gaskets, and illustrated instructions are included with all sets.
  Painless Performance universal 18-circuit harnesses come ready to install and allow you to add other accessories to the basic wiring. They include following: air conditioning/heat, brake lights, coil, horn, electric fan, emergency flashers, gauges/dash instruments, headlights, radio (constant and ignition hot), turn signals, wipers, dome lights, third brake light, and tail lights. They add circuits for power door locks, power windows, accessory plug, electric fuel pump, backup lights/cruise control, electric choke, and power antenna. Choose from the following styles
  Clippster headers from Patriot feature longer primaries that exit toward the rear of the engine compartment to clear steering and suspension components. They have slightly shorter primaries than full length headers and provide ground clearance on lowered vehicles.
  These GM LS6 Series Stage II heads from Patriot Performance are CNC-ported, increase the compression on a stock LS6 short block and are a great match for mild or aggressive cam profiles. Ideal for street and strip, these heads supply a good HP gains, and can handle blown or nitrous applications.
  You don't have to blow your entire savings to replace your Jeep's aging soft top--not with economical Pavement Ends soft tops. Feature-for-feature, they may be the best value on the market. They're factory color-matched for an OE look, and have weatherproof 2-ply substrate-reinforced fabric. They also feature rubber weather seals, D.O.T. approved windows, a patented Tuck-Under attachment system for an easy installation, and premium Velcro, snaps, and webbing. There are even versions with a flip-open front section that give you the benefits of a sunroof in a conventional-looking soft top.
  How else can you get 40 percent more power for your Pony without building a new engine? The NOVI-1000 Mustang supercharger kits are Paxton's answer. These kits feature a super-strong compressor with a double-thick gear case, direct oiling, and billet steel gears. The NOVI-1000 systems are set at the factory to produce anywhere from 5-10 psi of boost, depending upon the application. The kits produce a 34-45 percent horsepower increase using 91-octane pump gasoline, and they are engineered to eliminate the risk of harmful detonation. The kits come with 1/2 in. thick, black anodized billet aluminum mounting brackets, a cast aluminum rock-honed discharge tube, high-flow air filter, compressor bypass valve, fuel control unit, and more. Paxton has made these superchargers 50-state legal, OBD II compatible, and packaged them with all necessary hardware, plumbing, and an easy-to-follow, detailed instruction manual. NOVI-1000RR reverse rotation models share all the features and components as the standard rotation kits, but eliminate the need for an additional supercharger drive belt system. These kits are available in both satin and polished finishes.
  Whether you are smoothing down body filler or shaping and leveling large, flat surfaces, the Ingersoll Rand Twin-Piston straight line sanders have the power you need to get the job done. These smooth-operating sanders put out 3,000 reciprocating strokes per minute and have two pistons to prevent stalling. Plus, the quick-action paper clamps on the 2 3/4 x 17 1/2 in. sanding pad make changing paper a snap, so you'll get great results in record time. They require 8.0 cfm at 90 psi and have a 1/4 in. NPT air inlet.
  Tired of replacing old worn-out header gaskets? Sure you are--that's why we carry these Seal-4-Good header gaskets from Percy's High Performance. Made from multi-layered "dead soft" aluminum, these Seal-4-Good gaskets conform to the headers for the ultimate seal. And because they're made from solid aluminum, they're virtually blowout and burnout-proof and totally reusable. In fact, these gaskets are so good, they are likely the last header gaskets you'll ever buy--until your next project!
Get up to three inches higher than the rest of the world with one of these Performance Accessories body lift kits. The kits raise your truck's body off of its frame with reinforced nylon lift blocks (rated at 50,000 lbs. per square inch), and include such components as CNC-machined splined steering extensions (where required), bumper brackets (most applications), and zinc plated grade 5 hardware to complete the installation.
  These Pro Fit bellhousing systems from Performance Automatic are designed to provide racers with a no-hassle, flexible system of installing different transmissions. Their unique housing is cast from a high-strength aluminum alloy and is SFI certified. What makes this bellhousing so unique is that it's CNC-machined to accept different-sized tooth flywheels and starters, thus eliminating any guesswork.
  These Performance Stainless Steel swivel thermostat housings feature 304 stainless steel construction, an O-ring seal so you don't need gaskets or sealant, and they rotate 360° for convenient hose hookup. They have a 15° bend, fit 1 1/2" hose, include stainless steel mounting hardware, and are available with a natural or polished finish.
  Cool your radiator. Help keep your radiator from getting all steamed up with one of Perma-Cool's High Performance electric fans. They feature high-rpm, pancake-style electric motors with long-life ball-bearing armatures, open steel housings for unrestricted airflow, and six silver-anodized aluminum blades with an aluminum center hub. These fans are reversible, for front or rear mounting, and can move up to 2,950 cfm of air to cool your radiator.
  PerTronix's Ignitor® solid state ignition systems deliver more energy with greater timing accuracy. The secret lies in the trigger magnets, which spin with the rotor and operate a switching module that requires no external control box. The systems are immune to heat, oil, and debris, and install in about 15 minutes with only two wires to connect. They come with a magnet collar, switching module, hardware, and instructions. They're an ideal choice for collector car restoration because they fit entirely under the distributor cap.
  These QuickLiner wheel simulators from Phoenix are a fast and easy way to give your wheels a facelift. Their secure snap-on, do-it-yourself mounting provides quick, simple installation, with no lug nut removal required. They won't violate your chassis manufacturer's warranty either--getting great looking wheels has never been so easy.
  These receiver hitch covers from Bully are designed to fit standard 2 in. receivers and fasten with your hitch pin. Bully receiver hitch covers are available in a wide variety of designs, including LED lighted versions. If you are looking for an easy, fun, and functional way to personalize your vehicle, Bully has your hitch covered!
   These high-strength, nodular-iron street performance balancers from Pioneer offer bonded balancer technology to meet the budget of every performance street engine builder from mild to wild. They also make great heavy-duty standard replacement balancers and are perfect for limited-spec race classes, such as late model stock, that require an OE-style balancer. The bonded dampening rubber in these balancers eliminates spinning and component separation, giving reliable performance in engines using up to 6,500 rpm. All Pioneer street balancers feature easy-to-read, permanently etched timing marks on the outer ring.
  PipeMaster tubing joint template tool kits are the right choice to get your job done- fast! They're simple to use, just press, transfer, and trace! Extremely accurate fits mean good welds, saving you time by eliminating the need for recutting, grinding and wasted materials.
  Plasti Dip multi-purpose coatings allow you to rubberize just about anything! Plasti Dip is a flexible synthetic multi-purpose coating that exhibits excellent moisture, acid, alkaline, and abrasion resistance. Available in a variety of colors, including clear
  Seat covers with your favorite logos.
These Plasticolor seat covers are designed to slide over top of your existing bucket seat. Plasticolor seat covers are made of cloth, and are available in a variety of colors and logos to suit your vehicle's needs.
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