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  The Odyssey battery ingeniously uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology to offer, in one box, the characteristics of two seperate batteries. It can deep cycle as well as provide enormous cranking power. These batteries are capable of providing engine cranking pulses in excess of 2250A for 5 seconds as well as 400 charge/discharge cycles to 80% depth of discharge (DOD). A typical starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) battery can do one or the other, but not both. Odyssey batteries will do both - provide short duration high amperage pulse or low rate long duration drains.
  The Ol' Joint JiggerTM is designed to clamp the tube or pipe and feed the saw into the work thus not grabbing or collapsing thin wall tubing or causing any of the disasters normally encountered with tube notching by other methods. Joints in tubing or pipe up to 2" OD are made quickly (normally about 20 seconds) and accurately. Cutting holes for inserting sleeves or bungs through a tube are also effortless.
  The looks alone generate plenty of buzz. But it's the patented SPIRALCELL® Technology in OPTIMA RedTop batteries that's truly worthy of praise. OPTIMA RedTop batteries are built to withstand the abuse Trucks, SUV's and 4x4's experience on and off-road. SPIRALCELL Technology immobilizes the internal components of the battery, enabling OPTIMA batteries to withstand incredible amounts of vibration. Vehicles modified for better engine performance demand more from a battery. OPTIMA batteries withstand the high underhood temperatures associated with these Performance vehicles. The sealed cells make the battery spill-proof, even if you install it on its side! This prevents external gassing and leaking which can damage engine components and limit battery performance.
  Running boards with style and function for today's on-the-go families! • OE Classic running boards combine durability and strength with modern styling for today's trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles. • Available in silver or black finishes to complement any vehicle. • Thermal formed plastic stone guards and end cap covers create a classy modern look. • All boards feature full-length rubber step pads which offer safe entry in and out of the vehicle. • A rugged automotive grade bulb gasket seals the running board to the vehicle's body to help eliminate road grime and debris from the stepping area. • Custom-fit body mount brackets are strong and easy to install, saving valuable installation time. Select applications available with Universal brackets.

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