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  Top-notch wire looms for center-bolt valve covers. Made For You's horizontal top mount wire looms are made from 6-6 zytel nylon that is guaranteed not to fade, distort, stain, or discolor under normal use. They're designed specifically for 1987 and later Chevy center-bolt valve covers. The looms contain mounting brackets, molded nylon wire separators, and stainless steel mounting hardware. Their innovative design creates a neat, professional, custom look while keeping your plug wires out of high heat areas.
  High-quality, high performance, and no restrictions! These MagnaFlow performance exhaust systems are as rugged and reliable as the vehicle you drive. These exhaust kits feature OEM-style barbed hangers for easy installation, mandrel bends to prevent exhaust flow restrictions, and MagnaFlow's legendary straight-through, wide-open, stainless steel muffler to provide a smooth, deep tone outside of the vehicle. All MagnaFlow exhaust systems are factory-checked for proper fitment and dyno-tested to verify performance gains. These kits include all necessary installation hardware and some include a polished, stainless steel exhaust tip. They're backed by MagnaFlow's lifetime warranty, so you will be able to enjoy a rich, powerful sound--from now on!
  Serious fuel flow for serious performance. These ProStar 500 fuel pumps with filters are built with computer-machined aluminum bodies. They feature MagnaFuel's custom-built motor and exclusive vane/rotor design to provide cool, low-amperage operation without overheating. Compatible with gasoline and alcohol fuel, these pumps use an externally adjustable bypass to eliminate pump cavitation, stabilize fuel flow, and eliminate fuel starvation. They feed engines up to 2,000 hp.
  Complete Mahle PowerPak piston assemblies. Mahle's PowerPak piston assemblies include forged pistons, piston rings, pins, and wire locks--all in one race-proven package. The pistons are hand-deburred and then coated with dry phosphate to protect against ring micro-welding and pin galling during initial startup. For additional performance, Mahle added its proprietary Grafal anti-friction coating to the piston skirts. Low drag rings, steel pins, and round wire locks complete the Mahle PowerPak package.
  100 percent new, 100 percent performance. These new 85 Series HEI distributors from Mallory feature a CNC-machined cast 356 T-6 aluminum upper housing with a billet lower housing for lightweight durability. They include Mallory's new mechanical advance mechanism and adjustable vacuum advance, and come with a red cap and rotor with brass inserts. They're direct plug-in replacements with OE factory-type harness connectors, and are available with or without Mallory's high-performance coil. You can also get them in a Race Prepped version that features locked-out mechanical advance, locked-out vacuum advance with the chamber removed, and a complete advance weight and spring kit to allow for mechanical advance conversion.
  The smell of victory has never been better! Why deal with the nauseous exhaust fumes from your race vehicle, when you could be sniffing root beer, pina colada, or bubble gum instead? Manhattan Oil fuel fragrances eliminate unpleasant exhaust fumes and the eye, nose, and throat irritation that come with them. Just mix them in with your regular fuel--one 4 oz. bottle treats 30 gallons of alcohol or 20 gallons of gas. Plus, they're available in 19 different fragrances.
  A custom look that lasts a lifetime. These Manik tubular step bars feature either a brilliant, black powdercoated finish on a steel bar, or a polished finish on a stainless steel bar. They offer a lifetime of good looks and rust resistance, sturdy 3 in. diameter tubing, and a non-skid, recessed step area for sure footing in any type of weather. All necessary mounting hardware is included.
  Winning performance, reliability, and ultimate value! Knowledgeable engine builders will tell you that valve springs are among the most critically important components of your engine. Manley's NexTek valve springs are designed and manufactured for optimum consistency, run after run, lap after lap. They are proven to have less load loss than many other springs, exhibiting superior fatigue life and enhancing valvetrain stability--everything that counts in winning races.
  Replace your low-performance V-belts, pulleys, and brackets. March Performance Chevy small block serpentine conversion kits are mid-mount pulley kits that place your alternator and power steering pump below the centerline of the water pump. They are simple to bolt on, while still retaining your standard-rotation long water pump. Serpentine belts eliminate belt throwing. The kits are available with performance pulleys for increased horsepower, high water flow ratios for increased cooling, or mid-performance ratios for a combination of both. The pulleys are CNC-machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum for a spectacular looking machine finish with a perfect fit and extra-high strength. All March Performance billet pulleys and brackets have a maintenance-free clear powdercoating. These performance pulleys will increase your engine by approximately 12-15 HP, depending on the accessories driven. The kits are available with a driver side mounted A/C option. The use of a combination bracket in these kits allows the addition of an alternator idler, which provides excellent belt wrap around the alternator and A/C compressor pulleys.
  Professional-grade metalworking tools from Martin Tool & Forge. These high-quality metalworking tools manufactured by Martin Tools are hand-ground and polished to the perfect shape for bodywork, and balanced for ease of use. Choose from a wide variety of specialty and general-purpose hammers, dollies, and spoons. Whether you are smoothing, shrinking, raising, or stretching, Martin Tool & Forge has just the right tool for the job! Martin Tool hammers are available in your choice of classic hickory or fiberglass handles. The cushioned fiberglass handles offer improved durability and comfort.
Because level towing is safe towing. Master Lock adjustable height zero tilt ball mounts are just what you need to achieve a perfectly level trailer. With these E-Z Adjust ball mounts, your trailer will always line up straight and level behind your vehicle.
  Improve the exterior looks of your truck with Truck-Tek taillights. These Matrix Truck-Tek taillights feature clear lenses to make your truck stand out in a crowd. They're made of the same high-quality materials as your stock pieces, and will give you worry-free operation. Their OEM construction helps them to fit securely and last a long time.
  With McGard lug nut installation kits, one box delivers it all. These McGard lug nut installation kits contain everything you need to mount your wheels. McGard lug nut installation kits include Tough Nuts, which are guaranteed for life not to rust, chip, or peel! Also included are four wheel locks, one wheel lock key with a storage pouch, and four chrome sleeve rubber valve stems. With McGard lug nut installation kits, you get all of the high-quality parts you need in one package!
  McGaughy's suspension lowering components--do it right the first time. McGaughy's suspension lowering kit components have not been done before in the world, and they do it right the first time. McGaughy's rides on the reputation of their parts being bolt-on installations, and they make sure that McGaughy's suspension lowering kit components work hand-in-hand with necessary factory components. McGaughy's suspension engineering capabilities are endless, and they continue to release the high-quality suspension parts that the public demands. McGaughy's suspension lowering components are made so that the average person can do the installation in his garage without any major modifications.
  A clutch kit that has everything you need. These McLeod Street Twin clutch kits are designed to be high performance replacements for your OEM clutch. They include a new disk, pressure plate, throwout bearing, and your choice of a billet steel or billet aluminum flywheel. The kits are pre-balanced to fit specific applications and include the correct alignment tool for installation.
  Great all-around gloves. These original Mechanix Wear gloves are a staple item used by professional mechanics all over the world, and with good reason--they offer superior fit and control, while allowing excellent dexterity and protection. Their supple Clarino palm provides a firm grip, and their 2-way stretch spandex top makes them fit like a second skin. These gloves have a smooth-surface thumb and index finger point of contact, to improve your grip and handling, and their redesigned fingertip pattern reduces seams and enhances sensitivity. These are the gloves that started it all, and they continue to be a favorite because their quality speaks for itself!
  More volume makes for a happier engine. Melling high-volume oil pumps give you an additional 20 to 25 percent of much-needed oil volume for your performance application. For those of you who need added pressure, many pumps are supplied with a high-pressure spring where noted. The pumps are built using a proprietary casting process, which yields maximum performance and reliability. Every Melling oil pump is completely pressure-tested, including idle and bypass pressure, before it leaves the factory.
  Big-time cooling for big-time performance. Meziere 100 Series electric water pumps deliver 35-40 gpm of flow. Because they're electric, you won't have the usual horsepower loss at high rpm caused by a mechanical pump's impeller. Plus, their lightweight billet aluminum construction reduces overall engine weight. These pumps also feature CNC-machined aluminum housings, epoxy-coated motor windings, an RF suppression circuit, and a one-piece carbon-ceramic seal. They're available for a wide variety of V8 engines, including LT1 and LS1.
  Extreme traction on the strip, drives you home on the street. Mickey Thompson's legendary race tire technology comes to the street with these all-new ET Street Radial tires. Built using the latest in high-tech radial construction techniques and years of drag racing experience in compound development, these DOT approved, street legal drag radials will get your car down the track in record time and still provide you with an excellent ride on the way home. Other important features include reduced rolling resistance, a low-void directional tread pattern for maximum dry-weather traction, and polyester ply/steel belted construction for long lasting strength and durability.
  Monitor temperatures the easy way. These Spark Industries Micro Temp digital infrared pyrometers are great automotive and race tuning diagnostic tools, and can be used for countless household and other tasks. The LCD readout makes them easy to read and the quick response allows for multiple temperatures to be taken in a very short amount of time. Whether you are working around the house or racing at the track, these Spark Industries Micro Temp digital infrared pyrometers can get the job done consistently every time.
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