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Brand Name Discripition
  When picking a column, it is important that you know exactly what you are looking for. ididit, inc. offers many different types of columns for many different vehicles. Each type of column will have a drop down box to choose from.
  Ingalls has created solutions for the traditional alignment market for over 25 years as a by-product of racing and the company's love for performance vehicles. The NEW line of Street Performance Suspension Systems for Honda, Acura, and Ford vehicles are the first of a long line of complete pre-engineered suspension systems, and more importantly, complete solutions for the new generation of contemporary high-performance cars.
  For over a decade Injen Technology Co. Ltd and our sister company has played a major roll in the design and development of air intake systems. Injen Technology is based out of California in the same city and just a few miles away from the famous Pomona Winter Nationals Top Fuel Raceway. Injen Technology's history is a classic success story of a small manufacturing company turned industry leader of aftermarket sport compact performance products.
  At Inland Empire Driveline Service the full range of Neapco®, Rockwell®, and Spicer® componentry is used to produce driveshafts of exceptional strength and reliability. In addition, products from a variety of sources enable us to improve on existing designs. Your driveshaft contains every bit of the power your engine produces. In low gear it delivers engine torque multiplied many times. In high gear it delivers engine torque and peak horsepower while turning at the same RPM as the engine. To enjoy smooth, safe operation, this critical link deserves every owner's serious attention.
  Innovate Motorsports develops, manufactures, and supports universal digital tuning tools, including wideband air/fuel ratio meters, gauges, and data acquisitions systems. Every product ships with the powerful LogWorks engine analysis software.
  Intercomp Company, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of high performance test equipment, and has been serving the automotive industry for over 25 years. Producing the highest quality products while maintaining competitive pricing and a strong commitment to customer service has enabled us to continue leading the industry in the 21st Century
  A World Leader in Springs. The European parent company of INTRAX is not only one of a select few manufacturers world-wide that produces specialized spring winding equipment, it was also one of the first to utilize chrome silicon steel in high tensile spring production - now the standard for top quality springs.
  A leader in the field of aftermarket lighting, we make lights that are innovative, stunning, and very well made. Our lights are made to transform a car that meants something to someone into a car that will be everything to someone. But the beauty of our lights is more than skin deep; what makes our lighting line unique is our precise engineering, fanatical attention to detail, and unmatched fit and finish.
  Isky Hi-Rev Series cams are manufactured from the finest,high quality Proferal Cast Iron Billets. Combined with mechanical (solid) lifters, they are extremely popular for high-performance dual purpose and competition engines. These popular Isky cams will provide excellent horsepower and revving ability while using relatively low valve spring pressure, thus assuring long cam and lifter life.

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