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Brand Name Discripition
  The value conscious racer chooses the G-FORCE Racing Gear Pro Force One. The Force One is the top of the line when concerning cost efficiency and unmatched quality. This European styled, simple, clean look is what many of today’s racers are going for. If you need to update your style, and or, your Snell standards, the Force One has it all.
  When compared to an NHRA approved track your time will depend whether you stage "shallow" or "deep." G-TECH/Pro has a default 12" rollout which is equivalent to "Shallow staging." This level of accuracy is achieved thanks to 10 years of experience and research resulting in many technological achievements including a precision three-axis accelerometer system with full temperature compensation. We are particularly proud of our ability to gather RPM data right through the cigarette lighter which allows us to have Torque measurements along with Sequential Shift lights and RPM replays. We are the first in the world to do this.
  Gardner-Westcott is your headquarters for nuts, flatwashers, lockwashers and other essential items for you to complete your projects. Our kits contain carefully selected fasteners with correct thread pitches, diameters, lengths and grade requirements for your next customizing project.
  Garvin Industries Wilderness Racks are designed to bring you the strongest and most durable racks on earth. Our racks are manufactured right here in the USA with the highest quality standards. We make sure each rack is built to exceed your every expectation. We build racks to fit your lifestyle and put you right in the action without sacrificing any cargo. Whether your into off-roading, skiing, biking or camping, Garvin Wilderness Racks make sure you leave nothing behind!
  Gerson was established in 1956 as a manufacturer of disposable paint strainers produced on specially designed automated machinery. In 1970, the company began to produce tack cloths to serve its expanding base of auto-body repair customers. Today, Gerson is the leading producer of paint strainers and tack cloths, used worldwide by auto-body repair shops. In 1984, Gerson began the production of NIOSH Approved disposable respirators utilizing filter media produced in its own laboratories and sophisticated, automated production technology. Today, Gerson offers a complete range of disposable and reusable respiratory products.
  Gibson’s new product development is a result of our commitment to performance products that deliver results. We design our products in our fully equipped R&D center with multiple engine and chassis dyno’s along with flow bench and audio test equipment. Each new component must pass both quality and performance evaluations prior to a manufacturing commitment. The GIBSON heritage of quality and performance sets the standard for the exhaust industry to follow. Our commitment to improve and develop new exhaust systems provides the broadest range and best-engineered systems available today.
  Since 1978 GILA® (pronounced heela) has provided film products designed for the do-it-yourself consumer. Incorporating the advanced technologies of CPFilms Inc., GILA has created a family of products that are easy-to-apply, durable and an affordable alternative to professional installation.
  Uncompromised performance, new parts that are designed to work together the first time, a 12 month warranty, and unmatched value. How can you go wrong? Don't waist your time and money rebuilding a tired, old engine. Get a GM Performance Parts crate engine and get your GM performance vehicle back on the road or track.
  No matter if you are the hard-core off-road enthusiast who spends your weekends traversing the sides of cliffs or simply the on-road driver who wants to look stylish on your way to the beach: Go Rhino! has the stuff for you. By equipping your ride with Go Rhino! Products, you are saying something about yourself. You want the world to take notice. You 'Demand Respect!'
  Goodyear’s concerted high-performance tire marketing ties to racing go back to 1980, when the then-famous Blue Streak family of race tires was renamed Eagle to match that of the performance passenger tire brand that began hitting the streets in that era.
We invented the first aftermarket torque arm, 200 MPH speedometers and aftermarket mass airflow sensors for GM vehicles specializing in 3rd & 4th generation Camaros and Firebirds. We helped to establish the standard set forth by C.A.R.B. to gain approval for aftermarket forced induction systems, camshafts, exhaust systems, cylinder heads and mass airflow sensors. We created the first user-friendly speedometer calibration software for electronic GM speedometers. Call it an obsession with being second to no one by holding ourselves to a higher standard.
  Grant Products is the largest manufacturer of custom steering wheels in the USA. For over forty years, our focus has been to manufacture custom steering wheels that add personal style to any car or truck. Grant has always offered innovative products, fine quality, distinctive style, solid value and a wide selection of designs to express your individual personality.
  Whatever your need – radiators for racing, street rod, classic, muscle, exotic or late model cars and trucks – Griffin has your radiator in inventory or can build it to your exact specifications. Griffin is the only manufacturer that maintains templates of virtually every car or truck, make and model. Your Griffin radiator is truly a performance radiator, not an adaptation of an OEM product. In most cases it is a direct fit, bolt-in replacement that is made to fit your vehicle, although sometimes requiring modifications due to core thickness.
  Grit Guard is a radial designed insert that fits in the bottom of any 3.5 to 7 gallon bucket and cleans your wash mitt, brush, towel, or other washing utensil. The whole idea behind Grit Guard is to protect your precious painted surfaces from being scratched. Grit Guard is a product that simply works - it separates the grit from the mitt. Grit Guard prevents the swirl marks in your paint, caused by improper washing.
  Ground Force has always been known for it's high quality and good looking truck and SUV lowering applications. With the release of so many new sleek rides being put out by manufactures we just couldn't stand by and watch. Ground Force is diving right into the market to bring the same high quality lowering kits and products you've come to expect for your car.

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