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Brand Name Discripition
  E3 Spark Plugs are the product of years of fundamental research in the combustion field. This research was conducted at the company's laboratories, at first, and then refined at two leading engineering universities by top professors in the field of combustion and engine dynamics.
  American Eagle Wheel is America's leading manufacturer of aluminum after-market automobile and truck wheels. We are the oldest privately held and family owned corporation in the industry. We maintain and operate our own distribution network of wholesale locations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.
  Eagle Products is the name for crankshafts, connecting rods, forged cranks stroker cranks rotating assemblies, h beam rods.
  Earl's Performance Plumbing brought aviation fluid transfer technology to the automotive performance market over three decades ago and top funny car & open wheel teams still rely on Earl's today. With the most extensive line of plumbing products available, you can count on Earl's from start to finish. From hose & hose ends, adapters, brake lines, radiator & heater hoses to coolers, gaskets & more, Earl's has your plumbing needs covered!
  Eaton is the world's largest independent producer of torque controlling differentials for vehicle manufacturers, the automotive aftermarket and commercial and military vehicle manufacturers. We are leveraging our expertise in vehicle and traction dynamics to continuously expand our product lineup and reach into new and emerging markets.
  Founded in 1978, the EBC Brakes Group is still a private company owned exclusively by the current managing director Andy Freeman. From its early days of being one of the pioneers of the disc brake pad aftermarket for motorcycles since they were first introduced on motorcycles in 1976, EBC Brakes has grown to be a worldwide group with strengths in every area of the brake industry.
  One of the keys to manufacturing a great product is Research and Development. Edelbrock's dedicated R&D team is comprised of engineers who are automotive enthusiasts. They understand what it takes to design a product that improves performance because they know how it feels when a vehicle is running at optimum power levels
  Edge manufactures modules and programmers for all major vehicle manufacturers . including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Jeep, and RV . under the following brands: the A2, Juice, Attitude, Evolution, EZ and Trail Jammer. Since its inception, Edge has been known for the power its modules and programmers produce.
  The Group’s Automotive Division is the preferred designer and manufacturer of thermoformed automotive parts to nearly 50 OEMs around the world. Its product range includes Ground Effect kits, Spoilers, Hoodshields and WindowVisors.
  Eibach means suspension springs for racing , street strip, lowering front and rear, performance handling.
  Electric-Life’s products are the only power windows ,keyless entry kits or door locks you’ll ever see in a car from Rad Rides by Troy. One of Troy’s latest creations is a ’37 Ford Cabriolet. This classic machine sports Electric-Life power windows, shaved handle kit, emergency entry kit, Door Jammers and much, much more — this American hot rod is a true work of art. Whether you’re a pro builder or a weekend warrior looking for custom car accessories.
  EMP/STEWART COMPONENTS are cutting edge producers of hi performance water pumps.
  Over two decades of in-house experience in innovating, engineering and formulating a wide selection of polyurethane components for many different industries has qualified Energy Suspension ® as a premier manufacturer of the highest quality polyurethane products available today.
  Equus Products, Inc. is a prime manufacturer of test equipment, gauges and tachometers for the automotive aftermarket. We strive to be the supplier of choice by offering high quality products, innovative designs and value to our buyers.

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