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Brand Name Discripition
  For over 20 years Dakota Digital has manufactured the highest quality digital instrumentation and specialty electronics for custom cars, truck, motorcycles and many things in between.
  Richard Maskin founded Dart in 1981 in a two-car garage in Oak Park, Mich. In the years since Maskin started his business with desk and a telephone, Dart has become the leader in aftermarket cylinder heads, intake manifolds and engine blocks .
  We are a leading manufacturer of soft products and accessories for the automotive aftermarket. Our brand names include DashMat, LeBra, and Wolf, to name a few. Our products include: dashboard covers, car covers, front end covers, tonneau covers.
  Daystar™ has been Designing and Producing Precision Plastic Components for Four Wheel Drive Trucks, Motocross Bikes, Passenger Cars, and Mountain Bikes since 1977.
  When enthusiasts buy AEM, DC Sports and BRUTE FORCE performance parts, they are getting the finest engineering, highest quality and best value our industry has to offer. Look no further than our products for proof. AEM pioneered the Cold Air Intake for sport compacts
  Our line of quality Drag Racing Products includes Dedenbear Delay Boxes, Superglide Transmission Cases, Racing Oil Pumps, Throttle Stops,Throttle Stop Controllers, Automated Shifters, Cooling Systems, Practice Trees and much, much more.
  At Lund International, our brands, and the products under them, are the focus of everything we do. And it shows. It shows in the more than 150 product lines we offer, in the care and craft we put into every product we introduce, and in our tireless commitment to leadership and innovation
  Derale has been the leader in performance cooling for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in manufacturing high quality, high performance cooling products for O.E.M. and aftermarket applications. Whether you require cooling for the street, strip, track or off road we offer a wide variety of products for you.
  The Juice is Loose at DEI. Summer is on its way along with hotter driving conditions. Add Radiator Relief to any cooling system mixture to safely control engine operating temps. The cooler your motor runs the quicker the AC responds, helping to improve mileage for gas and diesels!
  The Eaton Performance Products Division offers the performance aftermarket segment a comprehensive portfolio of products for enthusiasts seeking to enhance all aspects of the performance their cars or trucks. This division will leverage the nearly 100 years of expertise that Eaton has gleaned as an original equipment manufacturer to the global auto industry.
See Detroit Muscle at these premiere events around the country in 2007! Goodguys and Autorama 2007 Car show series, Super Chevy shows, Woodward Dream Cruise and many, many more!!
  Founded in 2000, DiabloSport designs and manufactures the industry’s most unique line of performance products for the automotive industry. Later we merged with Autologic, another star in the field of tuning since the early '80s.
  Founded in 1963 by off-road enthusiast Dick Cepek and acquired in 2000 by Mickey Thompson Performance Tires and Wheels, the Dick Cepek Brand has always taken great pride in providing quality on and off-road products for truck, S.U.V., and 4x4 owners.
  DJ Motorsports HF High Flow Air Intake Systems are designed to straighten and smooth incoming engine air flow, resulting in increased throttle response and horsepower. Each HF Air Intake System is specifically designed for each vehicle appllication and Dyno Tested to ensure guaranteed results.
  DJM has a wide variety of new kits for '07 Silverado. Lower control arms drops of 2",3" and 4", and rear kits from 2"-6". These brand new kits use all of DJM's best design features, twin tube sleeves on the lower control arms, new ball joints and fully adjustable rear flip kits to set the pinion angle for any amount of drop, just to name a few.
  D.N.A. Attitude - We are proud to bring you a newly patented technology in performance mufflers. This revolutionary concept is called D.N.A., which stands for Direct Natural Airflow. Our patented design eliminates the need for packing and perforated tubes, which are often the cause of premature muffler failure.
  Power. Massive amounts are sent through your vehicle when you equip it with the right Dynomax exhaust system. Intense horsepower ripples through the engine making towing, hauling and climbing virtually effortless while added torque catapults you off the line!
  If you have a technical question regarding specific products, applications, or would like more information regarding any of our products, please email your inquiry to our Dorman Products corporate site at productinfo@dormanproducts.com.
  Global Accessories, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of soft products and accessories for the automotive, ATV, Boat and Power Sports aftermarkets. Our brand names include DashMat, LeBra, Wolf and Downey Products, to name just a few.
  Duplicolor has every color of paint in the rainbow , and more types than one could imagine.
  Dura-Bond Bearing Company is a world leader in camshaft bearings, power metal valve seats and valve spring shim design and manufacturing. This has been recognized by over 50 years of experience as the standard of the industry, and the internationally recognized ISO-9001 and MRP-Oliver Wight Class "A" certifications.
  Dynamat makes your car ride,and feel more solid. Dynamat is the world’s leading product for eliminating unwanted noise, vibration, and heat. Dynamat is the pro’s choice for turning Hot Rods into cool, quiet, and comfortable rides. Your sound system will also sound better too.
  Dynatech is headers for circle track quarter mile street raceing and many other aplications.
  Mufflers, Exhaust systems and more!

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